Let's set the scene…

While blogging continues to prosper, the discussion and feedback surrounding blog posts has faltered. Commenting systems have problems. Quality, interesting responses can end up half hidden and rejected amongst the poorly designed wilderness of the blogosphere, or disappearing altogether from aggressive moderation and content deletion. Does anyone really want to be writing long form and time consuming opinions, only to give that data up to someone else's server or platform?

Writers appear to be becoming aware of these faults, with many dropping support for responses altogether (or at least for anything above 140 characters). Many of our favourite blogs now show an empty space where a comment system used to be. Not ideal when you wish to respond with your own opinion.

How Trailed solves these problems

Where's the best place for sharing your opinions? Somewhere where the whole focus is on your writing? Somewhere with no character or design limitations? Perhaps most importantly, somewhere where you can continue to own your content and data?

How about your own blog?

Maybe we've been doing it wrong all along? Maybe the discussion surrounding a post should just be spread across our own personal blogs?

With Trailed, we've simply created a platform to link these blog posts and create networks of discussion — a Trail. We're an app to share your writing, whether it's an initial post to start a debate, or perhaps more significantly, a response to someone else's post and opinion.

More than anything… we're a change of mindset. We want to change the idea that your blog is simply for unprompted initial ideas. Instead, we want you to introduce "responses" to your blog. Make it a tool for responding to the writing of others, with the help of Trailed.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, requests, or require support, feel free to contact us via email or Twitter.

Who made this?

Trailed is the product of a two man team in London, UK. Say hello!

Ben Howdle, developer
Jack Smith, designer